No. Presentation Code Presentation Schedule Title Name Country File
Date Time
1 MR01(B) Jan. 25(Mon.) 09:00-09:40 The Use of Beryllium as a Plasma-facing Material: Past, Present and Future Russ DOERNER U.S.A
2 TR02(F) Jan. 26(Tue.) 08:30-09:10 Intermittent Flunctuations in the Scrape-off Layer of Fusion Plasmas Odd Erik GARCIA Norway
3 WR03(I) Jan. 27(Wed.) 08:30-09:10 Impact of PWI and Exhaust on EU-DEMO Design Criteria Mattia SICCINO EU
4 TR04(A) Jan. 28(Thur.) 08:30-09:10 Tungsten Fuzz: Deposition Effects and Influence to Fusion Devices Shin KAJITA Japan
5 FR05(F) Jan. 29(Fri.) 08:30-09:10 Divertor Operation Scenarios in Helical Devices Ralf KÖNIG Germany