Welcome Reception

The Organizers invite all participants to join the Welcome Reception where you can build up new friendships and enhance the old ones. The reception is included in the registration fees for the participants. Please come and join us at the night of the day before the Conference to welcome and celebrate the meaningful gathering. Let’s enjoy a light meal while gazing at the amazing seaside views of Seoqwipo at Ocean View of the ICC JEJU, the highlight venue in this event.


Please enjoy another wonderful evening on the fifth day of the Conference at the outdoor plaza in the SEAES Hotel & Resort Jeju. SEAES Hotel& Resort is the only deluxe traditional resort hotel in Korea which maintains the natural beauty and tradition of Jeju. It is nestled amid the aesthetic landscape of Jeju located on Jungmun Beach. Especially, an banquet at an outdoor plaza with the blue seas of Jeju and the carefully designed grass garden will present to unforgettable memories with the natural beauty not found anywhere else in Korea. It is the place for the banquet of outdoor plaza where you can enjoy the exotic landscapes and the clear air of Jeju.