No. Presentation Code Presentation Schedule Title Name Country File
Date Time
1 MI01(B) Jan. 25(Mon.) 09:40-10:10 Global Distribution of Tritium in JET with the ITER-Like Wall Yuji HATANO Japan
2 MI02(B) 11:20-11:50 Modeling of ExB Effects on Tungsten Re-deposition and Leakage in the DIII-D Divertor J. NICHOLS U.S.A
3 MI03(C) 14:10-14:40 Interdependent Effects Of Multiple Plasma Impurities On The Fuel Retention In Tungsten Arkadi KRETER Germany
4 MI04(D) 15:20-15:50 Physics and Effectiveness of Real-time Boronization by Boron Powder Injection A. BORTOLON U.S.A
5 TI05(A) Jan. 26(Tue.) 09:10-09:40 Space-charge Limited Sheaths in Magnetized Fusion Plasmas Michael KOMM Czech Republic
6 TI06(A) 09:40-10:10 A Validated Multi-Physics Modeling Approach to Predicting Erosion, Re-deposition and Gas Retention in Fusion Tokamak Divertors Ane LASA U.S.A
7 TI07(A) 11:20-11:50 Behavior of Tin under Low-Temperature Deuterium Plasma Irradiation Armin MANHARD Germany
8 TI08(F) 14:10-14:40 Control of the X-point Radiator in Fully-detached ASDEX Upgrade H-mode Plasmas Matthias BERNERT Germany
9 TI09(F) 15:20-15:50 DIVIMP-SOLPS Investigation of the Mechanism Causing Impurity Accumulation Near the Midplane along the Separatrix  J. D. Elder Canada
10 WI10(F) Jan. 27(Wed.) 09:10-09:40 Role of Molecular Processes and Target Configuration on Plasama Detachment in GAMMA 10/PDX N. Ezumi Japan
11 WI11(F) 09:40-10:10 First Results From The New Baffled TCV Divertor Olivier FEVRIER Switzerland
12 WI12(F) 11:20-11:50 Plasma Response Effects on ITER Divertor Detachment during RMP ELM Suppression H. FRERICHS U.S.A
13 TI13(F) Jan. 28(Thur.) 09:10-09:40 Parameter Dependences of the Experimental Nitrogen Concentration Required for Detachment in ASDEX Upgrade and JET S. HENDERSON United Kingdom
14 TI14(F) 09:40-10:10 SOLPS-ITER Drift Modelling of Ne and N-seeded H-modes on JET Elizaveta KAVEEVA Russian Federation
15 TI15(F) 11:20-11:50 The Divertor Challenge Anticipated for SPARC - reactor Level Heat Fluxes in a Compact, High-field Tokamak Designed to Demonstrate Net Fusion Energy Adam KUANG U.S.A
16 TI16(F) 14:10-14:40 Alternative Divertor Configurations in the Future Upper Divertor of ASDEX Upgrade Tilmann LUNT Germany
17 TI17(F) 15:20-15:50 Impurity Concentrations and Radiated Power in the DIII-D Divertor Adam MCLEAN United States Minor Outlying Islands
18 FI18(F) Jan. 29(Fri.) 09:10-09:40 The Role of Plasma-atom/Molecule Interactions on Power, Particle and Momentum Balance during Detachment Kevin VERHAEGH United Kingdom
19 FI19(F) 09:40-10:10 Turbulent Transport in Tokamak Divertor Legs N. R. WALKDEN United Kingdom
20 FI20(I) 14:10-14:40 Overview of Plasma-wall Interactions Studies during the First He Mini-campaign in EAST with a Tungsten Divertor R. DING China
21 FI21(F) 15:00-15:30 Sustained Radiative Divertor in High-Performance Grassy-ELM Regime with Metal Wall towards Long-pulse Operation in EAST G. S. XU China
22 FI22(I) 15:30-16:00 Thermal Loads in Gaps between ITER Divertor Monoblocks: First Lessons Learnt from WEST Jamie GUNN France
23 FI23(B) 16:00-16:30 The Competition between Metallic Nanostructures Formation, Erosion and Co-deposition in He Plasmas of the Tokamaks ASDEX Upgrade, EAST, and WEST S. BREZINSEK Germany